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Race and Ethnic Studies

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Africa and the Americas

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ART 207: Ceramics

This course introduces students to the ceramic processes of wheel throwing and hand building as means for creating works of art. Students learn terminology and critical approaches to ceramics. Students develop critical skills and the ability to analyze and interpret ceramic art work. The course emphasizes creative approaches to solving visual problems through ceramic work. Slide presentations on contemporary and historical ceramics provide background for assignments and highlight the role of ceramics in various cultural contexts. Materials fee. Offered each semester.

DANCE 207: Art of Couple Dancing (0.25)

This course focuses on social dance forms performed in pairs. Students will work on developing the skills necessary for success with such forms, including communicating non-verbally with a partner, particularly in lead/follow situations, giving weight and counter-balancing with a partner, roatating as a pair while progressing around the floor, etc. Repertoire for the class includes a range of social/vernacular dance forms such as Salsa, Viennese Waltz, Tango, Hambo, and Rørospols among others.
Prerequisites: DANCE 106, DANCE 108, DANCE 109 or permission of instructor.

OFFC 207: Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Urban Studies, Chicago, IL

American cities concentrate the social, cultural, and economic forces that shape modern society. Chicago is the quintessential American city that was founded on economic exchange, grew with America's westward expansion, became the hub of midwest economic and political power, and continues to illustrate the best and worse of American society. The urban studies program immerses students in the life of Chicago while exploring both the historical and current foces that define urban life. Through supervised internships, seminars, a core course, and independent study, students experience the dynamics of a modern city while learning academic concepts to frame those experiences. Fall or spring semester.