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Media Studies

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ART 229: Digital Filmmaking

This course focuses on the creative use of digital video as a tool to generate experimental films and video art. Students study all aspects of production from concept to screening, including idea generation, pre-production planning, storyboarding, lighting, shooting, editing, and sound design. Students regularly screen, analyze, and discuss contemporary and historic examples of time-based media. During the semester students produce a variety of short videos and films, exploring experimental, narrative, and documentary approaches. Materials fee. Offered alternate years. Counts toward film studies and media studies concentrations.
Prerequisite: ART 104 or permission of instructor.

MGMT 229: Arts Management

This course provides an overview of the key issues that face arts administrators. Topics addressed include strategic planning, budgeting, fund raising, audience development, and human resource management as each relates to the unique setting of the arts. Case analysis and guest speakers provide opportunities to explore application of key concepts. Offered annually. Counts toward media studies concentration.