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ARTĀ 259: The Arts of China

This course is intended as an introduction to the history of Chinese art, offering a survey of major artistic developments from neolithic times to the present. Among the topics considered: ritual bronzes, funerary remains of the Qin and Han, Buddhist sculpture, and the evolution of landscape painting. Important issues discussed include production and patronage, function, and borrowing and influence in the evolution of artistic works across time and space. Offered annually.

RELĀ 259: Religion, the Visual Arts, and Culture in Rome (abroad)

This course traces the influences of religion in Rome as it was gradually transformed from the capital city of a pagan empire into the administrative center of Catholic Christianity. Students conduct a selective comparison of ancient, medieval, renaissance, baroque, and modern religion through visits to historical sites, churches, museums, and contemporary cultural events in Rome and to other Italian cities that interacted with Rome. Offered periodically during Interim.
Prerequisite: BTS-B.