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Art and Art History

The Department of Art and Art History at St. Olaf approaches the study of art as an intellectual and creative endeavor. The department's curriculum provides students with the research, interpretive, and technical skills to make and study meaningful works of art and to sustain them as artists and critical thinkers throughout their lives. In keeping with the larger mission of St. Olaf, art and art history faculty strive to teach students to make connections between cultures and across academic disciplines, and to work creatively with a broad range of media and critical models. The Flaten Art Museum is integral to the curriculum with its on-going exhibition program and its permanent collection. Through the resources provided by the studio, classroom, and museum, art and art history students learn to question, investigate, and explore art in order to gain an understanding of its transformative power in the world and in their own lives.

Race and Ethnic Studies

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Africa and the Americas

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ARTĀ 269: African Art History

This course serves as an introductory survey of the diverse arts and cultures of sub-Saharan Africa. Students investigate material culture in its original context to understand the social roles that art plays in many aspects of life. Students also learn to identify and discuss styles, materials, techniques, and the roles of artists. Special topics considered may include: contemporary versus historical art in Africa, notions of "authenticity" and tourist art, cultural heritage and repatriation of art works, and the politics and history of museum display. Offered periodically. Counts toward Africa and the Americas concentration.

ENGLĀ 269: Art, Design, and Literature in Britain Since 1950

This cross-disciplinary course traces the flourishing of British creativity in art, design,and literature from the postwar era to the present--a period in which Britain emerged as an influential nation in a number of creative fields, from music to fashion, product design to architecture. Students examine works, movements, creative practices, and critical methodologies from art, design, and literature in order to develop a panoramic understanding of contemporary British creativity. Offered alternate years.
Prerequisite: FYW.