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...and control mechanisms. Courses: either BIO 227 or CH/BI 227 (taken as part of...

Environmental Studies

...1.00 BIO 261 Ecological Principles BIO 226...Science in Australia) PSYCH 227 Environmental Psychology at...


...Courses (1 required) BIO 227 Cell Biology BIO 233 Intermediate Genetics BIO 243 Human Anatomy...


...BI 227 Integrated Chem/Bio I: Chemical Concepts with Biological Applications and Integrated Chem/Bio...

Biomolecular Science

...CH/BI 227 can substitute for CHEM 125 , CHEM 126 , and BIO 227 . 2 CHEM...

BIO 227: Cell Biology

This course provides a comprehensive overview of cellular structure and function including cellular compartments, macromolecular structures, and life processes such as energy and material flux, cell division, and control mechanisms. Students learn current and/or historical evidence and methodology (e.g., microscopy, isolation procedures, and probes). Laboratory experiences provide opportunities for qualitative and quantitative observations of cellular structure and function. Students place their work in the context of current research through examination of relevant literature and formal presentations. Offered each semester. Counts toward "cell biology" core category. Counts toward biomolecular science and neuroscience concentrations.
Prerequisites: CHEM125 or CHEM 121/CHEM 123 or CH/BI 125; BIO 150 is strongly preferred.

CH/BI 227: Integrated Chem/Bio III: Molecular and Cellular Biology

This course builds on the principles learned in Chemistry/Biology 125/126 and explores how chemistry informs major principles of cellular and molecular biology. Topics include cell structure, metabolism, movement, signaling, and division. The course emphasizes problem-solving, quantitative reasoning, the scientific method, and scientific writing through lectures, discussions, readings, writing assignments, and lab work. Students attend three classe sand one three-hour laboratory each week. Counts toward "cell biology" core category for the Biology major. Offered annually in the spring semester.
Prerequisite: CH/BI 126.