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...the following options: Option A: CHEM 121 & CHEM 123 & CHEM 126 General Chemistry and Atomic...


...of chemistry ( CHEM 121 , CHEM 123 , CHEM 126 ; or CHEM 125 , CHEM 126 ; or CH...

Biomolecular Science

...substitute for CHEM 125 , CHEM 126 , and BIO 227 . 2 CHEM 121 and CHEM 123...

Pre-Health Studies

...120 is a prerequisite for CHEM 126 and CH/BI 126 Pre-medical students should...

CH/BI 126: Integrated Chem/Bio II: Thermodynamics and Kinetics with Bio Relevance

This course introduces physical chemistry with an emphasis on thermodynamics and kinetics of biologically relevant systems. Topics include probability as the driving force for chemical reactions; the relationship between chemical bonding energetics, entropy, and equilibria; oxidation-reduction reactions and electrochemistry; and rates of reactions, including enzyme-catalyzed reactions. Laboratory experiments and activities illustrate lecture topics and introduce new concepts. Offered during Interim.
Prerequisites: CH/BI 125 and MATH 119 or MATH 120.

CHEM 126: Energies and Rates of Chemical Reactions

This course provides a sequential introduction to physical chemistry. Beginning with an introduction to statistical aspects of chemical equilibria, it explores the relationships between energy, entropy and equilibria (thermodynamics); oxidation-reduction reactions and electrochemistry; transitions between phases; and rates of reactions. Students attend three classes and one three-hour laboratory per week. Offered annually in the spring semester. Counts toward biomolecular science concentration.
Prerequisite: CHEM 125, or CHEM 121 and CHEM 123 and MATH 119 or MATH 120 or permission of instructor.