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CHEM 255: Analytical Chemistry

Students not only investigate the theory of modern analytical chemistry, but also examine the statistical treatment of errors, equilibrium, activities, acid/base chemistry, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, and separations. The accompanying lab course, CHEM 256, illustrates the topics discussed in CHEM 255. Students taking this course use computers for solving problems. Offered each semester. Counts toward environmental studies major (all emphases) and concentration.
Prerequisites: CHEM 126 or CH/BI 227 or permission of the instructor, and concurrent registration in CHEM 256.


...examination is typically taken. CHEM 255 , CHEM 256 , CHEM 371 , and CHEM 357 should also...

Environmental Studies

...CHEM 248 & CHEM 254 Organic Chemistry II and Synthesis Laboratory II (0.25) CHEM 255...