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CSCI 276: Programming Languages

Students study features commonly found in computer programming languages and construct their own interpreters for an example programming language incorporating various language features they study throughout the course. Topics include programming language semantics, programming language translation, parsing, implementation of control structures and memory structures, abstraction mechanisms, and language translation systems and types. Offered alternate years. Counts toward linguistic studies and management studies concentrations.
Prerequisites: CSCI 241 and CSCI 251, or permission of instructor.

Linguistic Studies

...or CSCI 251 Software Design and Implementation (at most, one of these) CSCI 276 Programming...

Management Studies

...Implementation CSCI 263 Ethical Issues in Software Design CSCI 273 Operating Systems CSCI 276 Programming...

Computer Engineering, Software Engineering

...Computing Applications , CSCI 300 Topics in Computer Science . 2 Also consider CSCI 276 Programming Languages .