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EDUC 290: Educational Psychology

Students study theories of and research into human behavior, growth, and development. Through lectures, discussions, case studies and field experiences, students analyze the impact of applied psychology upon schools, teachers, and students. Students also examine the interaction between individual characteristics and needs and political, economic and philosophical issues confronting contemporary American students. Required 20-hour field experience. Recommended to be taken sophomore year to begin the licensure sequence. Offered each semester.


The Education Department prepares highly qualified, reflective teachers who integrate the liberal arts, their subject matter, and professional education. Reflective teacher candidates assess their options and make sound professional decisions based on practical, pedagogical, and ethical criteria. Teacher candidates develop leadership skills and contribute to the profession and to society.  Most graduates completing the teacher education program choose employment as educators in K-12 (kindergarten through grade 12) classrooms in the U.S. or abroad. Many also attend graduate school in special education, counseling, or related human services fields. Among baccalaureate - liberal arts institutions, St. Olaf ranks fourth in the nation in the number of graduates who earn Ph.D.s in education.

Social Studies Education

To provide middle and high school students a broad foundation in what is known about human social experience, interaction, and behavior To provide students with perspectives that will assist them in understanding self and others To provide students a foundation for appreciating and critically evaluating claims of knowledge about human social experience, interaction, and behavior.

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Management Studies

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