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EDUC 330: Principles of Education, K-12

This course is designed to assist students in developing their own teacher style as they prepare to become full-time teachers. Topics include the roles and responsibilities of teachers, methods of instruction, planning, classroom management, assessment and reporting and other current educational issues. Through micro-teaching and school-based field experiences, they also practice instructional skills and techniques. Required 20-hour field experience. Offered each semester.
Prerequisite: EDUC 290 and acceptance into the teacher education program.


The Education Department prepares highly qualified, reflective teachers who integrate the liberal arts, their subject matter, and professional education. Reflective teacher candidates assess their options and make sound professional decisions based on practical, pedagogical, and ethical criteria. Teacher candidates develop leadership skills and contribute to the profession and to society.  Most graduates completing the teacher education program choose employment as educators in K-12 (kindergarten through grade 12) classrooms in the U.S. or abroad. Many also attend graduate school in special education, counseling, or related human services fields. Among baccalaureate - liberal arts institutions, St. Olaf ranks fourth in the nation in the number of graduates who earn Ph.D.s in education.

B.A./B.M. Comparison: General Education Requirements

B.A./B.M. Comparison   Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Music FYW 1 course 1 course WRI 4 courses 4 courses FOL 232 level in French, German, or Spanish OR 231 level in any other language offered. 112 level in any language. EXCEPTION: vocal performance majors: 112 level in each of two languages, one of which must be French or German. ORC 1 course 1 course AQR 1 course 1 course OR 1 course with SED OR 1 course with IST SPM 2 courses of any credit value 2 courses of any credit value HWC 2 courses 1 course OR 1 course with ALS-L MCD MCG 2 courses, one each with MCD and MCG (different departments/programs) 1 course, with either MCD or MCG ALS-A ALS-L 2 courses, one each with ALS-A and ALS-L 1 course with ALS-L OR 1 course with HWC BTS-B BTS-T 1 course BTS-B, 1 course BTS-T 1 course BTS-B, 1 course BTS-T SED 1 course (different department/program from IST) 1 course OR 1 course with IST OR 1 course with AQR IST 1 course (different department/program from SED) 1 course OR 1 course with SED OR 1 course with AQR HBS 2 courses from different departments/programs 1 course EIN 1 course 1 course

Residence Life

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