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EDUC 378: Multicultural Education in Hawaii: Seminar and Practicum (off-campus)

Students examine the influence of race, class and multiculturalism in American schools by participating as teachers' assistants and tutors in two distinctly different K-12 schools. Students discover the challenges and benefits associated with teaching in a diverse racial, cultural and socio-economic environments. Through guest lectures, readings, field trips and seminars, students learn about the truly unique geographic and cultural setting of the Hawaiian islands. This environment makes an excellent framework to examine diversity on the mainland. Fulfills EDUC 382: Human Relations requirement. P/N only. Offered alternate Interims, even years. Counts toward American studies and race and ethnic studies majors and race and ethnic studies concentration.
Prerequisite: EDUC 260 and EDUC 290, or EDUC 330.

Race and Ethnic Studies

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American Studies

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