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EDUC 382: Human Relations (0 Cr)

All candidates must have a multicultural field experience to help develop their competence in teaching in multicultural environments. A minimum of 80 hours of field experience in a multicultural school environment (an Interim or its equivalent) is required prior to student teaching. All field experiences must be pre-approved. Below is a summary of options: EDUC 347: Teaching English as a Second Language; EDUC 378: Multicultural Education in Hawaii; EDUC 379: Urban Education Seminar and Practicum; or pre-approved internships in multicultural schools. See Education Department faculty and website for advice and information. EDUC 382 is not a course. Rather it is a recording mechanism indicating St. Olaf students who have completed their multicultural education requirement. Students register for EDUC 382 during their professional semester. P/N only. Offered each semester.

OFFC 382: Urban Education: Student Teaching, Chicago, IL