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JAPAN 112: Beginning Japanese II

This course is an introduction to speaking, reading, and writing Japanese; writing includes the learning of all syllabic letters (Hiragana and Katakana) and basic Kanji (Chinese characters). Class meets four times weekly. Individual language laboratory visits are also required. Offered annually in the spring semester.
Prerequisite: JAPAN 111 or equivalent.

Asian Studies

The Asian Studies Department provides students with the opportunity to study East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. The department offers majors in Asian studies, Chinese, and Japanese as well as concentrations in Asian studies, China studies, and Japan studies. A concentration in Asian studies — which presumes that a student completes a major in another department — is ideal for students with an interest in Asia who are majoring in economics, environmental studies, history, religion, sociology/anthropology, art, political science, or other areas. St. Olaf offers many international programs in Asia. The concentrations in China and Japan studies allow students to pursue advanced language study with or without an Asian studies major. The China studies and Japan studies concentrations are available only to students who entered the college before fall semester 2017.  Beginning in the fall of 2017, new incoming students with an interest in pursuing more in-depth study of China and Japan are encouraged to consider a Chinese or Japanese major.  See also Asian Conversations   ASIAN 210 ,   ASIAN 215 ,   ASIAN 220 Overview of the Major The Asian studies major allows students to gain competence in either Chinese or Japanese language and the understanding of Asian societies through a selection of courses in language, linguistics, literature, film, economics, history, religion, art history, political science, sociology/anthropology, philosophy, and psychology as well as special interdisciplinary courses on Asia. Courses that count toward the major are listed under Asian Studies, Chinese, Japanese, Asian Conversations, and other departments (listed on the courses tab of this catalog section). Many Asian studies courses also fulfill one or more general education requirements. Asian studies majors are encouraged to use their language skills to experience an Asian culture firsthand through study in Asia. Level I courses provide introductions to the languages and the fields of Asian studies. Level II courses, including the Asian Conversations program, provide students a breadth of knowledge about Asia or intermediate study of language. Level III courses offer students the opportunity to do advanced study on a topic about Asia. Please see the Chinese major or Japanese major pages for requirements specific to those majors.