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MEDIA 160: The Media Landscape

This introductory-level course encourages students to assess and shape their personal relationship to mass media. Its premise is that we are all, to some extent, uninformed and uncritical consumers of media products and services rather than conscientious and socially-minded users of them. In this spirit, the course provides a comprehensive historical overview of the various print and electronic media that have shaped, and continue to shape, our lives. By examining the issues that have influenced the development of the mass media, the course considers ideological, cultural, aesthetic and ethical perspectives. Counts toward American studies major and film studies concentration.

Media Studies

The primary purpose of media studies is to promote media literacy and encourage students to become informed and engaged digital citizens whose media use reflects not just market forces but the development of a civil society. Students pursuing an interdisciplinary concentration in media studies take courses that survey the history of the mass media, the dominant theories and practices that shape media representation, and the effects of the mass media on individuals and groups. Media studies courses are taught from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and are united by the assumption that informed media users are better able to exercise ethical judgment in determining which media are best for themselves, their families, communities, and society in general.

American Studies

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