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PSYCH 398: Independent Research

Students have the opportunity to work in depth on a research project of interest under the supervision of a member of the psychology department faculty. Offered each semester. Depending on course topic, may count toward the neuroscience concentration.
Prerequisite: STAT 110, STAT 212, STAT 214 or ECON 263; PSYCH 230; four additional courses in the department; and permission of instructor. PSYCH 298 is strongly recommended.


...program director. Independent Research ( BIO 398 , PSYCH 398 , or NEURO 398 ) on a neuroscience topic...


...level III requirement. Only one PSYCH 396 or PSYCH 398 may fulfill the level III...


...298 ), independent research ( BIO 398 ), and directed undergraduate...Molecular Neuroscience 1.00 PSYCH 238 Biopsychology 1...