Student Services


Located on the main floor of Buntrock Commons, the St. Olaf Bookstore sells textbooks, general reading and reference books, office and school supplies, St. Olaf clothing and accessories, Scandinavian gifts, insignia items, health and beauty aids, food and beverages, and recorded music.

Services include cap and gown rental, class ring orders, Ole Card deposits, and gift cards. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Ole Cards are accepted at the St. Olaf Bookstore. Online ordering is available at: Phone orders are also taken at 507-403-4183. The St. Olaf Bookstore is owned and operated by Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, LLC.

Counseling Center

Personal counseling is available through the Student Counseling Center.

Services are available to all students on a confidential, no-fee basis.

The center assists students with a variety of concerns that typically involve issues related to relationships, identity, self-esteem, family, depression, victimization, anxiety/panic attacks, academics, grief and loss, socialization/isolation, food/body image, or chemical use/abuse. However, any personal concern is appropriate to bring to the Counseling Center.

Nutrition counseling is available, on a limited basis, to students who have concerns related to their eating/body image. For these services, students must be referred to the dietitian by the Counseling Center staff.

For additional information on Counseling Center services, staff, location, hours, appointments, etc., please refer to the Counseling Center website.

Support is also available from the college pastors, the dean of students, associate deans of students, and the Wellness Center.

Health Insurance

St. Olaf requires that all students enrolled at the College have adequate health insurance coverage.  This requirement is in place for the protection of our students.  If you are not covered under a comparable health insurance policy, you will be required to participate in the appropriate student health insurance plan.  

St. Olaf has one plan for our domestic students and one plan for our international students.  You can click the link below for more information on the two plans and the instructions to enroll or to waive if you are eligible for a waiver.  If you are eligible to waive the insurance you must complete the waiver form online. This waiver must be completed each year you are enrolled at St. Olaf. If not completed prior to the 10th day of classes, you will automatically be enrolled in the appropriate student health insurance plan.  Information is sent to students during the summer but can also be found on the Health Insurance webpage.

Health Service Information for Deposited Students

507-786-3063 •

Deposited Students can log into the Student Health Portal for instructions on how to enter Required documentation*.  Due July 15

*Required Documentation:  Immunization record and dates of required immunizations, Tuberculosis (TB) screening questionnaire, and if indicated, tuberculosis screening, and Report of Medical History. 

Students unable to access the Student Health Portal can find Health Service Information for Incoming Students and Required Documentation on the Health Service website.      

About Health Service.

The Glenn and Myretta Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion


The Glenn and Myretta Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion fosters a welcoming and inclusive community for students at St. Olaf by providing resources and programs that support student success, engagement, leadership and intercultural understanding.


The Taylor Center is a place where students are empowered, engaged, and nurtured for success.


The Taylor Center serves students regardless of race, gender, color, age, religion, political views, disability, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and national or ethnic origin.

  • INCLUSIVE: We foster a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community where all students can reach their full potential.
  • RESPECTFUL: We acknowledge the inherent dignity and importance of each person, and work toward establishing a community where all are free from discrimination, intimidation, harassment, and violence.
  • ENGAGED: We support the college mission through the engagement and empowerment of all members of the campus community. 
  • COLLABORATIVE: We coordinate our efforts across the institution through education, programming, resource development, policy and process implementation. 

Whether you find our Center to be your home away from home, a safe space, an area to broaden your horizons, a place to host a program or event, a study area, a place for you to discuss issues on campus, or merely a place to rest and have a bite to eat in between classes, we welcome you to explore, share, learn and be challenged.

At St. Olaf, the Taylor Center is about recognizing, accepting, and celebrating differences within our campus and surrounding communities. The Taylor Center believes that by providing a space for students to explore their multiple identities and learn about the backgrounds and experiences of others, we can all create a culture of inclusion and equity here on campus and beyond. We offer a range of programs, discussions, social events, resources, guest lectures, and events to continue your path of self-discovery. Our Center includes targeted support and initiatives for multicultural, international, and LGBTQIA+ students. 

For more information about programs and services, call 507-786-3060, email or see The Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion is located in Buntrock Commons Room 111.

Post Office

The St. Olaf College Post Office, located on the main level of Buntrock Commons, assists students, faculty, and staff with a variety of postal services, provides mailing supplies, and handles all incoming and outgoing mail. Cash, check, and Ole Cards are accepted. Credit cards are NOT accepted.

Property Insurance

The college does not carry insurance on the personal property of students, faculty members, or other employees and is not responsible for the loss or damage of such property.

Veterans Administration

St. Olaf College programs are approved for the training of veterans and other eligible persons by the Minnesota State Approving Agency.  St. Olaf College is responsible for certifying and transmitting necessary information to the Veterans Administration.

The Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018 added a provision to 38 USC 3679 that requires schools to allow eligible beneficiaries to attend class without penalties while awaiting payments from the VA. Contact the Registrar's Office at or 507-786-3015 with any questions..

The Wellness Center

The St. Olaf Wellness Center strives to educate and support the wellbeing of students in a community that encourages personal and social responsibility. We do this by:

  • 1) Providing a variety of accessible educational programs and opportunities to engage in knowledge building and skill development related to the 9 areas of wellbeing. 

    2) Advocating for intentional language and evidence-based information for the purpose of preventing unsafe behaviors while countering health myths. 

    3) Actively incorporating intersectionality into all wellness education by acknowledging cultural differences, offering steps for mutual respect, and inviting actions to address health equity. 

The Wellness Center is located on the main floor of Buntrock Commons (room 112). Student Peer Educators staff the Wellness Center and are trained in providing one-on-one support to help students who have questions or need guidance while at St. Olaf. These topics can include (but are not limited to) homesickness, roommates, concerns about friends, and general health and well-being questions. Peer Educators also present monthly programs on a variety of topics, which are open to all of campus! For more information on the Wellness Center, please visit