Campus contact person: Alden Adolph, Director of the Engineering Studies Concentration, 

To prepare for a career in engineering, many students complete their B.A. at St. Olaf and then pursue graduate work (either a master's or doctorate degree) in engineering. The best way to prepare for graduate studies in engineering is to complete the Engineering Studies Concentration in conjunction with a major in physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, or computer science. There is significant overlap in course requirements between the physics major and the engineering studies concentration, and some overlap between the concentration and other math and natural science majors.

Additionally, a cooperative “dual degree” program exists that enables a student to receive an undergraduate degree in engineering from Washington University in St. Louis, MO, and a B.A. degree from St. Olaf, in a five-year program, or a master's degree in engineering from Washington University with an additional year of coursework. Students take courses at Washington University after completing St. Olaf degree requirements. Choosing this route instead of pursuing graduate work directly after completing a St. Olaf degree may be advised in some cases. You are encouraged to discuss options with the Engineering Studies Director. 

Prerequisites for Engineering Graduate Schools

Graduate engineering programs vary in the prerequisites required for admission. Completing the engineering studies concentration will cover the most common engineering graduate school prerequisite courses. Summer research experiences or internships are highly recommended to prepare for graduate work.

Below are some sample prerequisites from different programs:

Extracurricular Engineering Activities

To further explore engineering, consider participating in an extracurricular group focused on engineering or STEM education.

Dual Degree Program with Washington University

Please consult the Washington University Dual Degree website for detailed information about the program options and prerequisite course requirements. For a list of pre-approved St. Olaf courses, follow this link. Financial aid for the program is available, and students are directly admitted to the program if they have taken prerequisite courses and have an overall GPA of 3.25. Students apply in the academic year before they plan to enroll at Washington University, typically in their senior or junior year at St. Olaf.