St. Olaf Affiliated Programs

St. Olaf offers a variety of affiliated off-campus programs. They are consortial programs, exchanges, and provider programs that have been selected for their academic excellence and their fit with the St. Olaf curriculum. All programs have been approved by the St. Olaf curriculum committee and offer St. Olaf resident credit, though grades are not calculated in the St. Olaf GPA. Most are semester or year programs, but there are a few options in Interim and summer term.  Each program has a St. Olaf faculty program advisor who advises and selects participants.  Additional information can be found on the St. Olaf International and Off-Campus Studies website, including coursework, general education credits, application instructions, and program fees.


Botswana: Development in Southern Africa (ACM)

Ghana: Arts and Sciences in Legon (CIEE)

Namibia: Nation-Building Globalization (CGE)

Senegal: Language and Culture Program (CIEE)

South Africa: Arts & Science (CIEE)

Tanzania: Ecology Human Origins (ACM)



India: Culture, Traditions, and Globalization (ACM)

Japan: Hokusei Gakuen University

Japan: NUPACE Program, Nagoya University

Japan: Japan Studies, Waseda University (ACM)

Korea: Yonsei University

Australia and New Zealand

Australia: Curtin University

New Zealand: University of Otago


Austria: Study Abroad in Vienna (IES)

Denmark: Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS)

England: Arts in Context, London/Florence (ACM)

England: CMRS Oxford Humanities Program (Middlebury College)

England: Harris Manchester College – Oxford University

England: Lancaster University

England: London School of Economics and Political Science

England: University of East Anglia

England: University of Sheffield

France: French Studies in Paris (IES)

France: Liberal Arts Program in Rennes (CIEE)

Germany: University of Flensburg

Germany: University of Konstanz

Greece: College Year in Athens

Hungary: Budapest Semester in Mathematics

Hungary: Budapest Semester in Mathematics Education

Ireland: National University of Ireland, Galway

Ireland: Trinity College, Dublin

Ireland: University College Dublin

Italy: Arts in Context, London/Florence (ACM)

Italy: Arts, Humanities, and Culture, Florence (ACM)

Italy: Study Abroad in Milan (IES)

Italy: Sustainable Agriculture, Food, and Justice (HECUA)

Northern Ireland: Democracy and Social Change (HECUA)

Norway: Oslo International Summer School

Norway: University of Oslo

Norway: University College of Southeast Norway in Telemark

Norway: The New Norway – Globalization, Identity, and Politics (HECUA) 

Russia: Irkutsk State Technological University

Russia:  Moscow Arts Theater Semester (MATS)

Russia: Novgorod State University

Russia: Term in St. Petersburg (CIEE)

Scotland: University of Aberdeen

Spain: Liberal Arts Program in Seville (CIEE)

Sweden: Study Abroad in Stockholm (DIS)

Middle East

Egypt:  American University in Cairo

Jordan: Middle East and Arabic Language Studies (ACM)

Turkey: Bogazici University

North America

Ashland, OR:  Oregon Extension

Chicago, IL: Arts, Entrepreneurship, & Urban Studies (ACM)

Chicago, IL: Newberry Seminar: Research in the Humanities (ACM)

Cuernavaca, Mexico: Social Work in a Latin American Context

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN: Inequality in America Twin Cities (HECUA)

Seattle, WA: Cornish College of the Arts

Washington, DC: Washington Semester

Waterford, CT: National Theater Institute

South and Central America and the Caribbean

Argentina: Advanced Spanish Immersion (IES)

Argentina: Latin American Societies and Cultures (IES)

Central America (Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica): Social Change (CGE)

Chile: Liberal Arts Program in Valparaiso (CIEE)

Costa Rica: Community Engagement in Public Health, Education, and the Environment(ACM)

Costa Rica: Field Research in Environment, Social Sciences and Humanities (ACM)

Cuba:  Semester Exchange in Santa Clara

Ecuador: Community Internships in Latin America CILA (HECUA)

Ecuador: Social and Political Transformation (HECUA)