Architecture and Design

Campus contact person: Chair of Department of Art and Art History

Career paths in architecture include graduate professional programs toward becoming a licensed architect, teaching architecture and/or architectural history, and involvement in many fields of design, from environmental work, urban design, and landscape architecture, to interior and furnishings design. A studio art major and courses in art and architectural history are recommended. Because architecture requires a comprehensive understanding of culture, it is important to have a background in municipal organization, literature, writing and presenting ideas, aesthetics, logical and ethical problem solving, collaborative work and research, and environmental sustainability, as well as in mathematics and physics.

Strongly recommended
A major in the visual arts with an emphasis in sculpture, painting, archtectural drawing, and digital media: 1
ART 221Oil/Acrylic Painting1.00
ART 222Water-Based Media1.00
ART 223Sculpture/Metal Casting1.00
ART 224Sculpture/Direct Metal1.00
ART 225Architectural Design I1.00
ART 228Animated Art1.00
Strong background in art history:
ART 153Introduction to Art History1
ART 251Art 1776-1880, Revolutionary Art1.00
ART 252Art 1880-1945 "The Shock of the New"1.00
ART 262Sacred Sites of South Asia (abroad)1.00
ART 263Medieval Art1.00
ART 271Gothic Art1.00
Strong background in mathematics:
MATH 119Calculus I with Review1
or MATH 120 Calculus I
MATH 126Calculus II1.00
or MATH 128 Honors Calculus II
PHYS 124Principles of Physics I1.00
PHYS 125Principles of Physics II1.00
Courses in American and European history, American and/or urban studies, literature (especially with advanced writing components), and philosophy
Social science courses
At least one ORC-designated course