Business and Management

Rick Goedde

Campus contact person: Rick Goedde, Economics Department and Director of Management Studies Program

Students planning to enter the business world immediately upon graduation and seek a career in accounting, finance, management, or marketing should major in economics and consider an area of emphasis, or they should consider a management studies concentration combined with a major other than economics.

Strongly recommended
MGMT 225Principles of Accounting1.00
MGMT 237Managerial Accounting1.00
MGMT 250Marketing1.00
MGMT 251Management1.00
MGMT 252Legal Aspects of Business1.00
MGMT 256Entrepreneurship1.00
MGMT 257Entrepreneurship and New Venture Formulation1.00
MGMT 383Management Policy and Strategy1.00
PSYCH 125Principles of Psychology1.00
MGMT 281Corporate Finance1.00
PSYCH 250Industrial/Organizational Psychology1.00
THEAT 120Public Speaking1.00

The best Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programs do not require a specific undergraduate curriculum. They seek people with strong skills in analysis, communication, and leadership. Typically students entering an MBA program will have two or more years of work experience.