Academic Departments and Programs

How to Use This Catalog Section

This section contains information about the academic departments and programs at St. Olaf College. For further information about an academic department or program, use the search function on the St. Olaf website.

In addition to information about faculty specialties, intended learning outcomes, department and program requirements, special resources, and recommendations for graduate study, this catalog includes descriptions of the courses offered by each department and program. The course description contains:

  • a brief summary of course content.
  • the frequency with which the course is offered.
  • any prerequisites for the course.

The OLE Core curriculum attributes satisfied by each course are not included, because they are subject to change. They may be found instead in the class and lab schedule for the appropriate year and term.

Planning the Academic Program

New students should begin planning their academic program by consulting The St. Olaf Curriculum, Graduation Requirements, and Degrees, First-Year Registration guides, and Academic Regulations sections of this catalog. Returning students should examine their degree audits on the Student Information System (SIS) and familiarize themselves with the description of majors, concentrations, and emphases of interest.

OLE Core Curriculum

Students should note the overview of St. Olaf’s OLE Core curriculum and consult the curricular advice of the Academic Regulations section.