Business and Management

Sian Christie, Holland Hall 308

Campus contact person: Sian Christie, Economics Department and Director of Business and Management Studies Program

Students planning to enter the business world immediately upon graduation and seek a career in accounting, finance, management, or marketing should major in economics and consider an area of emphasis, or they should consider a business and management studies concentration combined with a major other than economics.

Strongly recommended
BUS 201Organizational Storytelling1.00
BUS 225Principles of Accounting1.00
BUS 237Managerial Accounting1.00
BUS 250Marketing1.00
BUS 251Management1.00
BUS 252Legal Aspects of Business1.00
BUS 268Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship1.00
BUS 383Management Policy and Strategy1.00
PSYCH 125Principles of Psychology1.00
BUS 281Corporate Finance1.00
PSYCH 250Industrial/Organizational Psychology1.00
THEAT 120Public Speaking1.00

The best Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programs do not require a specific undergraduate curriculum. They seek people with strong skills in analysis, communication, and leadership. Typically, students entering an MBA program will have two or more years of work experience.