Business and Management Studies

Michelle Potter-Bacon, Holland Hall 317

The study of business and management prepares students to meet the challenges of an ever-changing, global marketplace by providing an interdisciplinary approach to developing skills and knowledge in ethical decision making, effective communication, problem solving, teamwork, and leadership. Business and management studies connects theory and practice to prepare students for careers in domestic and international business, not-for-profit and governmental organizations, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Overview of the Concentration

Business and Management Studies is a multidisciplinary program offering a contract concentration that can be earned in conjunction with any B.A. academic major. Individual contracting encourages students to consider personal goals as they design a program of courses in business and management studies, economics, and other disciplines. For example, a student who hopes to start a business can elect to take BUS 268 Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship  and apply for an entrepreneurial grant to pursue a business idea. The Business and Management Studies Program also supports the management and finance areas of emphasis within the economics major (see Department of Economics).

Intended Learning Outcomes for the Concentration