Family Studies

Rachel Henry

(Social Work and Family Studies)

The well-being of individuals, couples, and families is a national and global concern. Family studies is an integrative field that synthesizes knowledge from many liberal arts disciplines, particularly economics, political science, psychology, social work, and sociology.

The Social Work and Family Studies Department offers a concentration in family studies.

Intended Learning Outcomes for the Concentration

Recommendations for Graduate Study

The concentration in family studies is designed to enable students to learn about families in both theory and practice; it is a course of study that can enhance student learning in any major. This concentration prepares students entering careers with families including marriage and family therapy, education, and ministry, or to family practice in law, medicine, nursing, social work, or public policy. Students who intend to go directly to graduate school in family social science or related fields should also consider enrollment in a statistics course and a research methods course in social work, psychology, or sociology/anthropology.