B.M. Graduation Requirements

The following general graduation requirements apply only to B.M. (bachelor of music) majors:

Major — 8 or More Credits

B.M. candidates must choose from the five majors offered. Please consult the Music Department listing in this catalog for specific major requirements. These constitute the final authority on degree requirements.  Entrance to all B.M. majors is by audition and/or application only. Once approved, students should declare their major formally as soon as possible by submitting a completed declaration of major form to the Music Department Office. Subsequent changes are allowed, but students are encouraged to keep their records current, documenting any changes with re-submissions of the same form. Other regulations are:

  • Of the credits counting toward the minimum requirements for a major, a total of six (6.00) must be completed with a grade of C or higher.
  • No courses explicitly required for a B.M Music major may be taken S/U.
  • At least 50 percent of the minimum major must be taken through St. Olaf. Students should consult the registrar and the department chair or program director about counting toward a major courses taken at other colleges. In addition to the registrar, the chair must sign the student’s transfer of credit form (available from the Registrar's Office) if work from other institutions is accepted in advance. Likewise, courses taken through St. Olaf study abroad and away programs must be approved by the chair or director and the Smith Center's program advisor in advance if credit toward a major is sought. (See Transfer of Credit to St. Olaf).
  • Graduation requirements for majors within the Bachelor of Music degree may vary widely. Students should consult this catalog and the Music Department chair.

Credits Outside the Major

Not applicable to the Bachelor of Music.

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Music Double-Degree Option

See Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Music Double Degree Option