International Relations

Shawn Paulson, HH 512

The international relations concentration offers students the opportunity to combine insights from political and other social sciences with language and humanistic studies in order to examine pressing questions related to war, peace, trade, security, justice and power. This concentration complements majors in the social sciences, area studies, and foreign languages in particular, but it is appropriate to all students committed to engaging with issues arising from the globalized nature of the modern world.

The concentration requires the completion of five to six courses:

PSCI 121International Relations1.00
Any one course from the following list of complementary disciplines:1.00
Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
International Economics
Global: 1500-Present
A Sociology of Colonialism and Postcolonialism
Global Interdependence
One world language or two area-specific course(s) from the following list:1.00-2.00
One course numbered 232 or higher in Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Latin, Norwegian, or Russian; or one course numbered 250 or higher in French, German, or Spanish. The course must be taught in the target language.
Two courses focused upon any single contemporary world region or country (e.g., Africa, Asia, China, Germany, Japan, Latin America, the Middle East, or Russia). Can be from any department and may include courses completed in approved St. Olaf off-campus programs. No more than one course in this option can come from the Political Science Department. Area studies courses should have at least 50 percent of the course content dedicated to target country or region. (See Courses tab for list of pre-approved courses.)
Two additional political science courses in the international subfield at Level II or III:2.00
Topics in Global Environmental Politics
International Organizations
International Political Economy
Asian Regionalism
World Politics
International Law
Seminar in International Relations
Seminar: Economic Statecraft
Total Credits5-6

Courses focusing upon any single contemporary world region or country.  Other courses may be approved in consultation with the director of international relations.

Art and Art History

ART 259 The Arts of China

ART 260 The Arts of Japan

ART 267 Ancient Near Eastern and Islamic Art

ART 269 African Art History

Asian Studies

ASIAN 123 Asia in America

ASIAN 156 Contemporary China Through Film (in English translation)

ASCON 210 Asian Conversations I

ASCON 215 Asian Conversations II (abroad)

ASCON 216 Asian Conversations II (on campus)

ASCON 220 Asian Conversations III

ASIAN 270 Visual Culture of Modern China

ASIAN 310 Buddhism through Text and Image

ASIAN 333 What is a Hero?

ASIAN 397 Seminar: Human Rights/Asian Context

ASIAN 399 Seminar for Asian Studies Majors

Asian Studies/Environmental Studies

AS/ES 277 Environmental Sustainability in Japan (abroad)

AS/ES 396 Research: Environmental Research in Asia (abroad)


ECON 210 Argentina and World Agricultural Trade (abroad)

ECON 218


ENGL 200 Topics in Cross-Cultural Literature

ENGL 204 South Asian Literature

ENGL 205 American Racial and Multicultural Literatures

ENGL 206 African Literature

ENGL 207 Women of the African Diaspora

ENGL 208 Black and Asian British Literatures

ENGL 209 Arab American Literature and Film

ENGL 212 Literature of the Eastern Caribbean (abroad)

ENGL 220 Topics in Literary History

ENGL 229 Twentieth-Century British and Irish Literature

ENGL 251 Major Chicano/a Authors

ENGL 263 Narratives of Social Protest


FREN 265 Memory Wars: Remembering and Forgetting in Post-World War II France,


GERM 249 German Cinema (in English)

GERM 276 Green Germany


HIST 121 The Making of Modern Russia

HIST 169 From Fjord to Frontier: Norwegian-American History in Literature

HIST 193 Modern Latin America

HIST 243 Revolutionary Cuba

HIST 244 Collective Memory in Revolutionary Cuba (abroad)

HIST 245 Environmental History of Latin America

HIST 251 Revolutionary China

HIST 345 East Asia Seminar

Latin American Studies

LAMST 333 Contemporary Latin American Issues


MUSIC 239 Javanese Gamelan

Political Science

PSCI 245 Asian Regionalism

PSCI 264 Latin American Politics


RUSSN 262 20th-Century Russian Literature (in English translation)


SOAN 235 Introduction to Islamic Feminisms

SOAN 237 Forging a Latin American Culture

Director, 2020-2021

Menevis Cilizoglu

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Katherine Tegtmeyer Pak

Associate Professor of Political Science and Asian Studies

Asian politics; comparative democracy; immigration; citizenship; human rights