Musical Theater

Tracey Engleman, Christiansen Hall of Music 202


The Musical Theater concentration is open to all majors in the Bachelor of Arts program. Musical theater is an interdisciplinary art form that is culturally relevant by offering opportunities for discourse and dialogue on social issues, societal change and culture through its performance. This genre of theater has deep roots in American culture and is wildly popular offering ample, consistent, and financially supported professional opportunities for those who wish to have careers as artists. The rise in popularity of musical theater has also extended over to film and television.

Requirements for the Concentration

Required (Core) Courses:
THEAT 131Acting for the Lyric Stage1.00
MUSIC 267Advanced Acting For The Lyric Stage1.00
Dance: 3 semesters of movement intensive (any style).75
Voice Lessons: 3 semesters at 0.25 1.75
Performance or Tech Lab: 2 semesters at 0.25 2.50
THEAT 271History of Theater since 17001.00
Electives: Students elect to take 1.0 credit from the following list: 31.00
Fundamentals of Choreography and Improvisation
MUSPF 124 Jazz piano lessons (4 semesters at 0.25 credits)
Opera Creation Residency in the Schools: Civic Engagement
Opera Workshop
Acting for the Non Major
Introduction to Acting
Introduction to Design for Performance
Text and Performance
Intermediate Acting
Stage Direction
Scenery and Costume Design and Production
Lighting and Sound-Design and Production
Total Credits6

 One semester of MUSIC 148 Contemporary Styles Voice Class can count towards voice lesson credits.


THEAT 233THEAT 253, or 2 productions directed by a St. Olaf Theater/Music faculty/staff; student directed shows do not count.


Other courses not listed may count with prior approval of the Department Chair of Music or Chair of Theater.