Languages Across the Curriculum

Maria Vendetti, Tomson Hall 328

In keeping with the college’s commitment to integrative study and global perspective, the program in Languages Across the Curriculum (LAC) offers students opportunities to combine their knowledge of a world language with their study of other fields in the liberal arts. By definition, LAC courses combine at least two fields of knowledge: a language other than English and a discipline such as history, religion, or political science.

LAC courses are specially designated courses that offer a 0.25 credit world language component. Each component meets an additional hour each week beyond the regular class time. In most components, students read and discuss supplementary texts in the designated language. In some components, students read texts in the designated language and discuss them primarily in English. In others, the “texts” are oral/aural sources (e.g., newscasts, dramatizations, films) in the other language, discussed in that language. LAC courses are particularly appropriate for students who are preparing for, or returning from, study abroad, who appreciate literature and the power of language, who enjoy analyzing original texts, or who are considering graduate study that requires the use of a language other than English in reading and research.

Intended Learning Outcomes of the Program