B.A./B.M. Comparison: OLE Core Curriculum Requirements

Comparison Chart for Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music Students

1 course = one (1.00) - credit course unless otherwise indicated.

*B.M. students must attain either Religion, Faith and Values or Christian Theology in Dialogue.

**B.M. students must attain either Natural Science or Quantitative and Computational Reasoning.

  Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Music
First-Year Experience: First-Year Seminar 1 course 1 course
First-Year Experience: Writing and Rhetoric 1 course 1 course
Religion, Faith and Values 1 course 0-1 course
Christian Theology in Dialogue 1 course 0-1 course
Power and Race 1 course 1 course
Global Histories and Societies 1 course 1 course
Social Science 1 course 1 course
Writing Across the Curriculum 1 course 1 course
Ethical Reasoning in Context 1 course 1 course
Natural Science 1 course 0-1 course
Quantitative and Computational Reasoning 1 course 0-1 course
World Languages and Cultures 1-3 courses (depending on placement, AP/IB/transfer credit) 0-2 (Depending on placement, incoming students must complete at least one course and a maximum of two courses at St. Olaf. Exception: vocal performance majors must complete 112-level course in two languages, one of which is French or German.)
Creativity 1 course 1 course
OLE Experience in Practice 0-1 (Can be satisfied by a non-credit bearing experience) 0 (Not required)
Active Body: Moving Toward Health & Well-Being 1 course (Course must be at least .25 credits.) 1 course (Course must be at least .25 credits.)
Writing in the Major 1 course (To be fulfilled within the major.) 1 course (To be fulfilled within the major.)