The St. Olaf Curriculum, Graduation Requirements, and Degrees


The St. Olaf College curriculum engages students in a multidisciplinary, multicultural exploration of human knowledge and experience. The curriculum cultivates the basic skills students need to succeed in college and beyond and introduces students to the traditional liberal arts disciplines. The combination of OLE Core curriculum, major, and elective courses helps students develop both breadth and depth in their college education.

At the same time, the curriculum provides opportunities for integrative study through OLE Core curriculum courses that meet more than one requirement and through a variety of interdisciplinary majors and concentrations. This blend of traditional and innovative instruction nurtures a critical, creative, and flexible intelligence. The St. Olaf curriculum prepares students for the lifelong learning so essential to their continued personal and professional development.

Graduation Requirements

A student admitted to St. Olaf College is considered a degree candidate and registers under the regulations and degree requirements listed in the St. Olaf Academic Catalog for the academic year the student first enters St. Olaf as a degree candidate.

The St. Olaf Academic Catalog is available only on the college's website and is updated once each year by August 1. Students must meet the graduation requirements outlined in the catalog for the academic year in which they first enter St. Olaf as degree candidates. New majors and programs are updated once each year.  Students wishing to declare a major, emphasis, or concentration not available to them under the catalog year under which they entered the college should contact the Registrar's Office for more information. Academic regulations and procedures as they apply to students may change during a student's time at St. Olaf, but graduation requirements remain those in effect at the time of entry.

No candidate for a degree will receive a diploma until all requirements have been fulfilled. While some course requirements may be fulfilled differently, graduation requirements themselves are not subject to waiver for individual students.

A student in doubt about how certain requirements are interpreted should consult the Academic Regulations and Procedures section of this catalog or contact the registrar.

Responsibility for understanding and meeting graduation requirements stated in the St. Olaf Academic Catalog rests entirely with the student. Faculty advisors and the registrar assist in every way possible.

Note: For numerical purposes, the term “course” means a full (1.00) course credit, as distinguished from fractional course credits.

Degrees at St. Olaf

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree

General Graduation Requirements

OLE Core Curriculum Requirements

Bachelor of Music (B.M.) Degree

The Music Department listing describes the graduation requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Music. Questions should be directed to the Music Department in person or by phone at 507-786-3180.

General Graduation Requirements

OLE Core Curriculum Requirements

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Music Double-Degree Option

See Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Music Double-Degree Option