Public Health Studies

Andrea Conger, Holland Hall 424

Overview of the Concentration

Students pursuing a concentration in Public Health Studies develop an overview of the breadth of the fields comprising public health, a sense for its interdisciplinarity, and skills for interpreting and contextualizing public health research findings.  Students practice communicating the social, humanist, and biological complexities of public health across cultural, political and disciplinary boundaries. Special attention is given to understanding diverse populations and their unique circumstances domestically and globally. Completion of the public health studies concentration promotes a lifetime of informed civic engagement relevant to public health.

Intended Learning Outcomes for the Concentration

Requirements for the Concentration

Choose one course from each of the following categories.
Fundamentals of Public Health 11.00
Peruvian Medical Experience (abroad)
Introduction to Public Health
Biological Basis of Health 11.00
Biological Science: Issues in Biology
Human Biology
The Biology of Women
Human Anatomy and Physiology: Organs and Organ Systems
Topics in Biology (When topic is Virology)
Environmental Health
Nutrition and Wellness
Drugs, the Brain and Behavior
Social Science/Humanities Perspective of Health 11.00
Economics of Health Care
Public Affairs II: Contemporary Controversies
Biomedical Ethics
Medical Anthropology
Research Methods and Data Tools 11.00
Introductory Econometrics
Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
Mathematics of Biology
Research Methods in Psychology
Foundations of Social Science Research: Quantitative Methods
Ethnographic Research Methods
Principles of Statistics
Statistics for the Sciences
Intermediate Statistics for Social Science Research
Statistical Modeling
Research Methods in Social Work
Liberal Arts Dialog in Public Health 11.00
Case Studies in Public Health
Total Credits5

Students can petition to have other courses count for any of the above categories.

These Off-Campus programs with a Public Health focus may meet one or more of the requirements listed above:

  • Kenya: Global Health and Human Rights will meet either "Research Methods" or "Social Science & Humanities" through the Research Methods and Ethics course.  Other courses may also be applied.
  • Andean Field Studies in Ecuador offers a Research Methods course that will count.  Depending on the student project, other credits may count as well.
  • DIS-Public Health (Denmark) offers courses that cover "Fundamentals of Public Health" and the "Social Science/Humanities" requirements (e.g., Medical Ethics, Medical Anthropology, Health Delivery and Prioritization, Heath Economics & Policy in Europe).