B.M. OLE Core Curriculum Requirements

OLE Core Requirements for the Bachelor of Music Degree

The following  table lists all of the OLE Core curriculum requirements that need to be met in order to attain a bachelor of music degree from St. Olaf College. In most cases there is a one to one correspondence between a course and an OLE Core requirement. For guidelines on courses for which more than one OLE Core requirement might be received, please refer to the overview at the beginning of this section.

OLE Core Requirements for the Bachelor of Music Degree
All of the following:
First-Year Experience: First-Year Seminar1.00
First-Year Expeirence: Writing and Rhetoric1.00
Power and Race1.00
Global Histories and Societies1.00
Social Science1.00
Writing Across the Curriculum 11.00
Ethical Reasoning in Context1.00
Active Body: Moving Toward Health & Well-Being 2,31.00
Writing in the Major 41.00
World Languages and Cultures 50-2.00
One of the following:1.00
Religion, Faith and Values
Christian Theology in Dialogue
One of the following: 1.00
Natural Science
Quantitative and Computational Reasoning
  • 1 Must be 200-level.
  • 2 Course must be at least .25 credits.
  • 3 Students competing in intercollegiate athletics - as determined by eligibility and certified by the faculty in accordance with Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference policy - may use the season of participation in a varsity sport for 0.25 course credit in kinesiology. This 0.25 course can satisfy the Active Body graduation requirement.  Only one 0.25 intercollegiate athletics course credit can be applied toward the 35.00 credits required for graduation.
  • 4 To be fulfilled within the major.
  • 5 Depending on placement, incoming students must complete at least one course and a maximum of two courses at St. Olaf. Exception: vocal performance majors must complete 112-level course in two languages, one of which is French or German.
Additional Degree Requirements:

1 major, 2.0 minimum cumulative GPA, 6 credits graded C or above in the major, 35 minimum total credits, 18 upper-level credits (200-level or above), 24 graded credits (not P/F or S/U), 6 credits maximum S/U, 3 January terms (1 must be taken the first year)