Asian Conversations

Asian Conversations (ASCON) is a high impact learning community about Asia, along with a sequence of Chinese or Japanese language study for participants’ first two years of college. The program is dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive global perspective with exceptional disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches on Asia (such as art, history, linguistics, literature, political science, and religion) as well as a faculty-led experiential January term to China and Japan during the sophomore year.  Students from all academic backgrounds and pathways are welcome, as long as they are committed to the study of Asia.  Asian Conversations highlights critical thinking, inclusive conversation, and cross-disciplinary collaboration for not only a better understanding of Asian languages and societies but also the development of our students to become skillful, thoughtful, and impactful global citizens.

Asian Conversations is open to incoming students who are interested in studying Asia and enrolled concurrently in level-appropriate Chinese or Japanese classes. Entering students enrolled in the Asian Conversations’ First-Year Seminar and Writing and Rhetoric sections will be eligible for the second-year Asian Conversations sequence: ASCON 215/216 and ASCON 220 the following year.  Whether students plan to major in natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, or anything else, Asian Conversations offers an integrated, international, and innovative curriculum to complete required study in world languages and cultures as well as the liberal arts.

Intended Learning Outcomes for the Program

See Asian Studies for information about Chinese language courses, Japanese language courses, and Asian Studies curriculum.