Gender and Sexuality Studies

Nancy Thompson, Center for Art and Dance 222C

(Offered within the Department of Race, Ethnic, Gender, and Sexuality Studies)

Gender and sexuality studies students explore scholarship about gender and sexuality across cultures and throughout history to examine intersections of gender, race, class, sexual orientation, nationality, ability, religion, and age. The program fosters critical thinking skills that encourage students to become active and ethical participants in career, family, social life, and community.

Overview of the Major and Concentration

Majors and concentrators take a range of courses across the curriculum, as well as in the gender and sexuality studies program. Students explore the new scholarship about gender and gain an understanding of a variety of gender experiences across cultures and throughout history.


Requirements for the Major

GSS 121Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies1.00
GSS 399Advanced Topics in Gender and Sexuality Studies1.00
Select a minimum of seven other approved courses, taken in at least three departments or programs7.00
Total Credits9

*By completing this major, the student also satisfies the OLE Core Writing in the Major requirement.

Requirements for the Concentration

Many students enhance their work in a major through an interdisciplinary focus on gender and sexuality studies. A concentration in gender and sexuality studies consists of:

GSS 121Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies1.00
Select four other approved courses taken in at least two departments or programs.4.00
Total Credits5

GSS 121: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies

Required for the gender and sexuality studies major and concentration, this course introduces students to the concept of gender as a category of analysis. It is designed for students who seek a fuller understanding of themselves as gendered individuals living in a gendered society - all genders are encouraged to participate! Offered each semester. Also counts toward educational studies concentration.

GSS 250: Intersectional Feminisms: Race, Gender, and Sexuality

This interdisciplinary seminar introduces students to critical and cultural texts written by authors of color to name the complex politics of race, gender, and sexuality. Students develop intersectionality as an analytical tool with which to understand how systems of interlocking oppression have marginalized women and LGBTQ people of color. Readings emphasize literary and cultural representations as acts of resistance to racial gender violence, racial homophobia, policing and militarization, and global economic inequality. Offered annually. Also counts toward race and ethnic studies major and concentration.

GSS 294: Academic Internship

GSS 298: Independent Study

GSS 394: Academic Internship

GSS 396: Directed Undergraduate Research

This course provides a comprehensive research opportunity, including an introduction to relevant background material, technical instruction, identification of a meaningful project, and data collection. The topic is determined by the faculty member in charge of the course and may relate to his/her research interests. Offered based on department decision. May be offered as a 1.00 credit course or .50 credit course.
Prerequisite: determined by individual instructor.

GSS 398: Independent Research

GSS 399: Advanced Topics in Gender and Sexuality Studies

The course provides a capstone to the major. Taught as a seminar, it offers an opportunity for students to integrate their studies of women and gender across disciplines and to become more aware of the intricate web of gender, race, culture, and class that informs women's experiences. Offered annually in the spring semester.
Prerequisite: GSS 121; priority given to majors and concentrators.

Approved Courses

ART 261 O'Keeffe's Art and New Mexico (study away)

ART 275 Topics in Art History

BIO 124 The Biology of Women

CLASS 240 Gender and Sexuality in the Ancient World

DANCE 246 Dance in the United States

ENGL 207 Women of the African Diaspora

ENGL 242 Children's and Young Adult Literature

ENGL 251 Major Chicano/a Authors

ENGL 264 Topics in Gender and Literature

FAMST 242 Family Relationships

FAMST 253 Human Sexuality

HIST 122 Europe and the Great War

HIST 182 America Since 1945

HIST 121 The Making of Modern Russia

HIST 191 Colonialism & Europe: 1492-Present

HIST 231 People and Power in Soviet Russia

HIST 239 Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Modern Europe

HIST 272 Women in America

HIST 395 Oral History Seminar

NORST 264 Nordic Explorations of Sexualities and Genders

NORW 244 The Sámi: Traditions in Transition

NORW 282 The Drama of Henrik Ibsen

NURS 312 Family Health

PHIL 245 Philosophy and Feminism

PSCI 251 Politics and Identity in the Contemporary Middle East

PSYCH 223 Exploring India: Human Development in Cross-Cultural Context (study ab

PSYCH 226 Emerging Adulthood in China: Immersion and Reflection

PSYCH 232 Gender Equality in Norway (study abroad)

PSYCH 241 Developmental Psychology

PSYCH 350 Parenting and Child Development in Diverse Families

REL 209 Introduction to Feminist Theology

REL 264 Theology and Sexuality

REL 344 Feminist Perspectives and Christian Ethics

SOAN 128 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

SOAN 260 Families, Marriage, & Relationships

SOAN 261 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective

SPAN 250 Family and Gender Roles in Spain: 1900 to Present

SPAN 251 Gender and Race in Modern Latin America 

Other Courses That Might Count Depending on the Course Topic.

Credit awarded by permission of instructor and Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies. Please check with the Program Director about courses that aren't listed here to see if the courses could count for the major or concentration.

BIO 275 Biology of Reproduction

DANCE 290 Topics in Dance

ENGL 220 Topics in Literary History 

ENGL 253 Authors in English 

ENGL 280 Topics in Genre

ENGL 340 Advanced Studies in Literary Eras: American 

FREN 273 Period Studies  

FREN 372 Topics in Francophone Studies 

FREN 397 Ethics Seminar in Francophone Studies 

HIST 189 Topical Seminar 

HIST 201 Methods Seminar: Ancient History 

HIST 270 Major Seminar: American History

HIST 297 Topical Seminar

HIST 320 Research Seminar: Modern European History 

HIST 345 East Asia Seminar  

LATIN 370 Topics in Latin Literature

MUSIC 345 Advanced Study in Music History 

PSCI 117 Politics and Human Rights

PSYCH 223 Exploring India: Human Development in Cross-Cultural Context (study ab

PSYCH 390 Issues in Psychology 

PSYCH 396 Directed Undergraduate Research

RACE 250 Topical Seminar 

REL 260 Religion in America

RUSSN 250 Topics in Russian Literature (in English translation)

SOAN 299 Topics in Sociology/Anthropology 

SPAN 312 Voices of the Spanish-Speaking World 

SWRK 221 Social Work and Social Welfare

Abroad Programs and Courses

  • Augsburg University's Center for Global Education and Experience "Social Change in Central America: Exploring Peace, Justice, and Community Engagement"
  • Carleton College's "Women's and Gender Studies in Europe" program (offered in fall)

Director, 2022-2023

Hannah Ryan

Assistant Professor of Art and Art History

Andrea Conger

Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology

public health

Anna K. Kuxhausen

Associate Professor of History and Russian Language and Area Studies

Russian history; women's history

Juliet Patterson

Associate Professor of Practice in English

creative writing; contemporary American poetics; hybrid literature; environmental literature

Joanne Quimby (On leave 2022-23)

Associate Professor of Asian Studies

modern Japanese literature, feminist literary theory, gender and sexuality studies, Japanese film cultural studies, Japanese language

Andrea Schmidt

Visiting Assistant Professor of German

film, gender studies

Nancy M. Thompson

Professor of Art and Art History and Race, Ethnic, Gender and Sexuality Studies

medieval art in Europe; medieval and early modern art in Italy; women’s and gender studies

Patricia Zimmerman

Associate Professor of Practice in Religion

Christian mysticism; history of Christianity; women and religions