Jennifer Peterson, Skoglund 104

Kinesiology is the study of physiological and functional adaptations to movement.  The field is richly interdisciplinary, involving such disciplines as anatomy, chemistry, biology, physiology, biomechanics, motor control, psychology, nutrition, and injury prevention and management.  Rigorous and systematic study of these disciplines enables students to understand how and why people move and the factors which limit and enhance our capacity to move.

Overview of the Major

The kinesiology major at St. Olaf is designed for students interested in the advanced and specialized study of the biophysical aspects of exercise. The major supports academic linkages across disciplines and provides excellent preparation in a wide variety of fields.  It also prepares students for advanced study in one of the disciplines related to kinesiology (such as physical therapy and rehabilitation, biomechanics, occupational therapy, nutrition, exercise physiology, sports medicine, and cardiac rehabilitation).

Intended Learning Outcomes for the Major


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